Transcription Services

Combining methods in social scientific research has gained momentum through a research strand called Mixed Methods Research. This division of our business is to provide accurate, high-quality transcripts to those doing important research in health services research.

We now provide Transcription Services from Spanish to English

How It Works

1. Upload Audio/Video Files

Upload your files to a secure, confidential, HIPAA compliant Box folder.

2. Let's Us Take It From There

Our experienced team transcribes your files using Microsoft Word.

3. Receive Your Editable Transcript

Transcripts are delivered in a timely manner via e-mail, or uploaded to our server.


Turnaround Time

Every project is unique in its own way. Our team will work with you to determine a deadline that meets your projects needs.


Estimates will be based on the quality and length of audio files, number of files, and requested turnaround time. Please contact us for a precise estimate.


We accept all forms of payment.